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“Rapist Demands ‘Action’ from ‘Moms Demand Action’”

rsz_canstockphoto18584711“Yo, WHAAAAT is taking you Moms SO long to get rid of everyone’s guns?! Stop foolin’ around vacuuming or doin’ yoga poses or whatever. I get paroled in four months and I can’t wait to “get acquainted” with a bunch of gun-free, defenseless laaaadieeees!! 

Demand action, Moms!! Make some cupcakes, have a car-wash, get more money from Michael Bloomberg, whatever you have to do so that you and your daughters are 100% DEFINITELY unarmed and “available”. Chop, chop, Shannon Watts!! Finish cutting the crusts off that baloney sammich and make it mandatory that ALL women, #YesAllWomen be disarmed.

Yo girl, females everywhere else in the world are more likely to be sexually assaulted because there is no potential “death by gun-shot” for the rapist. Only in America do we still have an uncivilized system where a rapist like me has to worry whether you might be carrying a gun that could kill me. How am I supposed to feel safe roaming the streets, violently sexually assaulting women, if I don’t know who has a gun?!? 😦

YOU can change all that. You have a vote. Use it to further these well-intentioned, but short-sighted, victim-creating policies and make yourself a target. Do it for you, do it for your daughters that I will feel safer raping, and do it for the generations to come. This is your legacy, hundreds of additional sexual attacks and rapes every day because of the “pro-rape environment” YOU’RE creating. Thank you for that. I look forward to giving you a lot of ‘ACTION’. 🙂 “


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