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Day-dreaming man can’t wait to live under oppressive government


(Each number below is a link. ENJOY!!)

“Doot..dah…dooooo…..man, it is going to be so AWESOME when our government FINALLY has a complete monopoly on the use of guns and brute force. No more pesky armed citizens as checks-and-balances obstructing a 100% invasive, tyrannical government. The way free and clear for excessive monitoring and control. I can’t WAIT!!!

Don’t get me wrong, at least NOW after 238 long, BORING years…

1. The U.S. government disregards habeas corpus, can label anyone a terrorist and put them away in prison indefinitely without anything approaching due process. RAD!

2. They monitor everyones’ phone calls, texts, and e-mails with that PRISM program. COOL!

3. Our internet will be divided into “desirable” and “undesirable” sites with the help of our corporate overlords. Censorship at last!!

4. If you want to exercise free-speech, they will allow you to do it in a cage. RAWR! I’m a tiger!

5. The new cable-boxes have visual infrared scanners AND it can eavesdrop on you. Can you hear me now? 🙂

6. Also, they can randomly stop people to ask for saliva and blood. Nazis were punks who just asked for “your papers”. LOSERS!

7. Drones spy on us from the sky where God used to live.

8. Our cellphones track us so they can monitor our movements. “Where are you going today?” They’re SO curious!

(I’ve done MY part by voluntarily creating my own personnel file on Facebook with many photos (facial recognition software-HOLLA!), check-ins, my friends, my family, Likes, social plans and search/browsing history, but it’s DEFINITELY not enough…)

9. Our cell-phones can be turned on secretly to record audio or video to monitor us. -cough, cough- Testing! Testes! ( I ❤ that joke!)

10. Omnipresent government surveillance cameras throughout Chicago to monitor us. Eventually EVERYWHERE!! Smile, slaves!

11. And WHERE will they put all of our personal information?? In a rusty ol’ filing cabinet?? No-siree, in the largest surveillance-database in the history of mankind!!

12. If this bothers anyone enough to try and protest, there are tons of military gear flowing to Everytown in America…The government has gun magazines that hold ONE HUNDRED rounds of ammunition! OMG!! Don’t tell Shannon Watts!

13. And there are many things the President can do unilaterally like declaring martial law and some other way-cool stuff just by declaring an “emergency”. WOO! WOO! FEMA Camps! Are we allowed to bring marshmallows? 😉

Fortunately most people are totally oblivious and they haven’t put the pieces together which is totally BOSS, but this is really just the beginning…

Once we’re unarmed and there’s NO possibility of resistance to deter them, that’s when the REALLY cool stuff starts!! What will they do next?! The mind boggles at the many exciting, horrible possibilities. I can NOT wait to be a part of the darkest chapter in human history!

I just hope this public-relations campaign to get people to disarm themselves that the corporate media and the 8th richest man in the world, Michael Bloomberg, are running pans out. I have ALWAYS wanted to live in a hellish Orwellian, government-run dystopia where people are constantly surveilled and scared to death of their government. I just didn’t want to have to move to China to do it. LOL! (I like cheeseburgers too much. Amirite, America?!?) At long last, my chance may have finally arrived! Man, I hope so…I am SO sick and tired of freedom….doot…dah…doooooo…..”


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