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Criminal Background-Check (Actual Transcript)

Here is what a criminal background-check sounds like after gun-control laws are enacted that limit: types of ammunition, number of rounds allowed, and where the gun can be carried. Also after passing gun-control laws that mandate: longer waiting periods, higher registration fees, finger-printing, mental-health exams, drug-testing, how the gun must be stored, the color of the gun, how heavy the gun is, how nice ‘n’ pretty the gun should smell, that the gun not have any scary skull-stickers and 600 bazillion other “feel-good”, ineffective, expensive to enforce, ‘waste-of-precious-time-and-loss-of-precious-lives-ignoring-actual-root-causes-of-violence’ gun-control laws…


Criminal 1: Do you have $300?

Criminal 2: Yes.

Criminal 1: Here is your gun.*

(*And now it’s an even more effective tool of violence since most of his victims are unarmed thanks to counter-productive gun-control laws.)

Good job!!!



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