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Ferguson, Missouri: Despite insanely militarized police, Everytown supporter still on board with gun control


“No, sir! Seeing the vast militarized-police presence at the Ferguson protests definitely hasn’t made me re-think my commitment to disarming the American public on behalf of Michael Bloomberg (8th richest man in the world), and on behalf of the U.S. government, and our corporate-media overlords.

Doesn’t seem extreme or unreasonable to me at all. President Obama said, “Weapons of war have no place on our streets…unless our government is using them to intimidate people and get them to shut their damn yaps.”


“It certainly doesn’t look like a government that can violently shut down dissent or go tyrannical at will. And I definitely don’t think it goes hand-in-hand with surveillance by government drones (LINK) or their ability to monitor all of our emails, texts, and phone calls (LINK) or track us using our cellphone’s GPS (LINK) or secretly turn on our cellphone’s cameras and microphone to eavesdrop on us (LINK) and store all of it in the enormous data center in the middle of Utah (LINK).

These things don’t seem related to me AT ALL. The idea that this is EXACTLY the kind of situation that the 2nd Amendment was written for, to provide checks-and balances on the potential misuse of government force by having armed citizens seems far-fetched. I just don’t see it.

Me? I still think it’s the greatest idea ever to disarm my fellow citizens. Shucks, the picture is kind of neat. 🙂 It reminds me of Tiannamen Square. And you know, those Chinese-folks don’t have any guns at all and you never hear them protesting or complaining about their government……..Ever.”


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