‘Everytown For Gun Safety’ Super Brain-Genius Certain Gun-Control will be every bit as effective as Drug-Control


“Hrrrmmmm….(chalk scribble-scribble) let’s see…carry the one and…yes…EUREKA!!! Using gun-control, illegal guns will be JUST as scarce as illegal drugs!!!

Many Americans are too young to remember, but in the olden days you could go into any village or hamlet in America and you could actually buy cocaine, crack, heroin and other drugs to put inside of your body. Of course you can’t do that anymore! Thanks to laws, those substances are now impossible to get. Good luck trying to find Ecstasy or Meth in any town in America. It’s like looking for a Three-Headed Unicorn!! They don’t exist!!!

The great news is according to my computering -BEEP-BOOP-BOOP-BEEP-…gun-control will work the exact same way!!! We’ll pass some gun-control laws, criminals will obey them and guns will disappear!!! Believe me, murderers, gang-bangers and rapists aren’t going to chance getting into hot-water to have a gun.

AND it won’t encourage them to know that law-abiding citizens are gun-less and spur them on to more robbing, murdering and raping since their victims are unarmed. Not a chance!!! There’s no WAY gun-control will completely fail and have some horrible unintended consequences. Full-speed ahead!!!”


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