Local Idiot Has No Idea Gun-Owning Neighbors Make His Home Safer


Area-moron, Charles Keantering, is completely oblivious to the fact that his home and family are safer as a result of nearby gun-owners.

“Duhhhhhhrr! We’ve lived here for 20 years and it’s always been a safe place. Never had any problems,” said the oafish jackass who fails to grasp the second-hand deterrence he has ignorantly benefitted from for many years.

“A-dooooyyyyy…I know a couple of homes got broken into in the mid-90s and the intruders were shot, but nothing since then,” said the unaware dolt who can’t even follow simple cause and effect. “Actually, those shootings with the guns seem like the only dangerous thing to me, buh-buh-buhbbbbbbbb……” burbled the total dummy.

“I’ve also got some neighbors with NRA stickers on their vehicles. That seems unsafe, DER-DEE-Duuhhhh!!!” exclaimed the ignorant cretin who is unaware those nearby NRA stickers have led criminals to assume he’s also a gun owner and to avoid breaking into his home to rob and terrorize his family.

“A-duh-duh-duh-duh,” sputtered the ignoramus whose worthless head is full of clam-chowder and glitter, “I think criminals probably leave us alone because this looks like a nice neighborhood.” The stupid jerk-off added, “We just had a lot of landscaping done.”

“I don’t see why anyone would ever need a gun, ppphhbbbbtttttt…” said the absent-from-reality dullard. “It seems to me we don’t need them anymore. The world seems pretty safe to me,” said the slack-jawed simpleton who has no idea that because other men are armed and vigilant, he can afford to be a doddering space-cadet who imagines safety and security happen by magic.

Reality will sink in on the chuckle-headed bozo after his house is broken into mere days after putting an “Everytown For Gun Safety” sign on his lawn.


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