Woman only hates ‘gun’ violence, totally cool with new, skyrocketing ‘regular’ violence

Area woman, Marjorie Newman’s goal to completely end gun-ownership and ‘gun’ violence would result in a surge of ‘regular’ violence. Which is perfectly fine with her.

increase-decrease-graph2 copySources report that Ms. Newman is completely aware that without any potentially-armed victims to deter them, criminals would be encouraged to commit even more ‘regular’ violence. A result that is super OK by her. “Yeah, OMG, I think that’s totes awesome!! Let’s go ‘old-school’, y’know, when people didn’t have access to the one tool that could protect them from a stronger assailant or multiple attackers.”

“I mean, part of what deters criminals from their violent, anti-social behavior is their fear of getting shot and killed,” she reasoned, “so let’s just take that option off the table.”

She continued, “Everyone would be safe from ‘gun’ violence. Including criminals.”

“It just makes sense. Zero guns = Zero ‘gun’ violence…..plus more rape, plus more robberies, plus more aggravated assaults, plus more murders, plus more burglaries, plus more larceny, plus more car-jackings. That’s math I’m VERY comfortable with. And I think everyone, especially criminals comforted by a new-found security from ‘gun-violence’, would agree.”

Ms. Newman questioned, “If you were a rapist would you feel more comfortable raping with a 50% chance of being shot by your victim or a ZERO chance? Total no-brainer. Get rid of guns and ‘Rrrrrrrrrrape away!’”

“When I short-sightedly focus ONLY on decreasing the single, limited, very narrow category of ‘gun’ violence, I’m practically oblivious to the horrible unintended consequences. And I’m absolutely OK with that.”



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